Line Drawing Illustration of Old Asa Edwards the Bear Hunter hacking through cane in Bear Hunting in the South by James Gordon, Scribner's Monthly 1881The Canebrake Archive  is intended to become a virtual public research library for those interested in reading and writing about the Historical Outdoor South -- especially the Delta country of Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana.  In the course of my research, I have found a number of sites that offer digitalized versions of old magazines and/or newspapers that contain articles about hunting, fishing, and related activities in the 1800s and early 1900s. 

    Many years ago I had the opportunity to photo copy some of the indices for several rare publications that are not available on line but are available in a few libraries around the country.  The copy quality is poor due to the equipment I was required to use for copying at that time, and they bear my crudely scratched notes, but they are generally legible.  I am pleased to make the indices i have available for public use.  Just click on the links.   I believe this is the only place on the World Wide Web where these indices to American Field and Turf, Field, and Farm are available.   Please let us know if you are aware of any online sources that make those publications available or if you have other research resources you would like to share.

    --Jim McCafferty

Online Resources:

Old Publications related to Hunting, Fishing, Camping, etc.:

Forest and Stream (full text,1873 --1922;  limited search, 1922 --1930)

Hunter - Trader - Trapper  (full text, 1902 --1922;  limited search, 1922 -- 1934)

Outing (Originally The Wheelman)  (full text, 1883 --1915)

Porter's Spirit of the Times (Vol. 2, only -- 1857)

Sporting Life (full text, 1883 -- 1917)

Turf, Field and Farm (Vol. 71, only -- 1902)

General Research Resources:

Chronicling America  (A searchable newspaper data base from the Library of Congress)

Google Books

Hathi Trust Digital Library

Internet Archive

Resources regarding Canebrakes:

Mississippi State University's Rivercane site

PDF Resources from The Canebrake Archive:

Indices to Old Outdoor Magazines

American Field and Turf, Field and Farm were, along with Forest and Stream, the big three outdoor Magazines of the latter half of the 19th century.  All are treasure troves for historians.  Forest and Stream is available on line from a variety of sources (e. g., see the link to it above).  Unfortunately, American Field and Turf, Field and Farm, are not.  The Canebrake Archive is pleased to make available the portions of the indices of those great magazines.  As far as we know, this is the first time these pages have ever appeared on the world-wide web.  We believe you will enjoy looking at the articles indexed in these pages.  The Turf, Field and Farm pages are especially interesting because they include advertising of the time as well as some short articles.

      American Field (Originally The Field and, later, The Chicago Field)

                Vol.  12 (July -- December 1879)
                Vol.  17 (January -- June 1882)
                Vol.  25 (January -- June 1886)
                Vol.  26 (July -- December 1886)
                Vol.  27 (January -- June 1887)
                Vol.  28 (July -- December 1887)
                Vol.  33 (January -- June 1890)
                Vol.  34 (July -- December 1890)
                Vol.  53 (January -- June 1896)
                Vol.  54 (July -- December 1896)
                Vol.  55 (January -- June 1897)
                Vol.  56 (July -- December 1897)

        Turf, Field and Farm

                Vol. 1 (August -- December 1875)
                Vol. 3 (July -- December 1875)
                More to Come

     I am very grateful to the persons, companies, and governmental entities that made the above resources available.   The Hathi Trust and Google Books deserve special mention for collecting so many different public domain materials and making them available to the public by means of their searchable digital libraries.  If you are aware of any links to online research sources relevant to the foregoing topics, please let me know. 

    More resources will be added as they become available.  If you have copies of any old articles (prior to 1930) about Delta bear hunting or related topics, please let me know and I will add them to the Archive if appropriate.  I am also interested in any diaries, letters, or similar writings reflecting hunting, fishing, and the outdoor life in the lower Mississippi Valley during the 19th and early 20th centuries.  If you have any such materials you would like to share, please email them to me for possible inclusion in the Canebrake Archive.

       Jim McCafferty is the author of The Bear Hunter: The Life and Times of Robert Eager Bobo in the Canebrakes of the Old South and two children's book, Holt and the Teddy Bear and Holt and the Cowboys.    Follow this link for ordering information on all three books:  Buy the BooksThe Kindle version of The Bear Hunter can be previewed or purchased here